Established in 1949, De AMBROSI PARIS spans three generations and more than half a century.

The company story started in Villa Maria, situated in the heart of Valenza, where Remo Deambrosi created his business.

Family Tradition

Under the management of his daughter, Tiziana, together with her husband Gianni Stivanello, De AMBROSI PARIS has succeeded earning a prestigious position on the international haute joaillerie scene, combining tradition with creativity.

Believing in this union, De AMBROSI PARIS has continued to grow and it’s today at its third generation, with Remo’s grandson Andrea and his wife Diletta.

Gianni, Tiziana, Andrea and Diletta are the leaders of a young and dynamic team forming a modern organization devoted to a clientele which appreciates the distinguished quality of jewellery.

After sixty years of existence, enthusiasm and passion, De AMBROSI PARIS  continues to revitalize the jewellery tradition and accepts the challenges for the third millennium.


In De AMBROSI PARIS jewels grace and simplicity dance together, creating a perfect relation and harmony within every single stone. In this ballet, the choreographer is always the moderation distinguishing a certain way to conceive a jewel, typical of the Parisian haute joaillerie, with an Italian touch.

This company takes pride in the special attention given to their customers, creating a warm and friendly environment, ensuring only the best for their valued clientele.

Today, De AMBROSI PARIS collections show beautifully in the windows of the finest stores around the world.


  • De Ambrosi Paris
  • Viale Santuario 36
  • 15048 Valenza (AL)
  • Vat 02455110060
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